Viking Chrono

The Viking Chrono is a ballistic chronograph running as a mobile device application released in 2016 by Viking Applications, LLC . At the $5 price point, this product will allow shooters to have a chronograph in their pocket at any time.


How Does a $5 Phone Application Do the Job of a $200 Chronograph?

The Viking Chrono uses the sound recording capabilities of the mobile device to record the sound characteristics of the shot. A real-time audio processing algorithm determines the bullet velocity and displays on the mobile device and an optional WIFI device on the shooting bench, like a laptop, tablet or extra mobile phone.



  • This product is limited to supersonic rifle velocities above 1,500fps (feet per second).
  • No suppressors or silencers, or subsonic ammo.
  • Outdoor ranges only due to the unknown acoustics of an indoor range.
  • Must be used down range. Best results from 40-60 yards.
  • Will not work with most handguns due to low velocities.


Advantages Over Traditional Chronographs

  • Can be used in conditions of too little or too much light, or even darkness.
  • Will work in the rain, provided the down range device has been water proofed.
  • Harder to accidentally shoot, less restrictive bullet path.

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